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A passion for food and music

O’Deli Group is a product of a love for food and music. A growing family-run group of businesses based in the Wharfedale market town of Otley, it is successful because it combines high quality, cosmopolitan menus, and community- focused service. Based on a combined 50 years in the food and drink business, Tony and Kay, the owners, know how to turn their passions into the provision of quality food, superb music and great experiences to local people.

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An Otley tradition since 2015

O’Deli was born in 2015, with opening of the O’Deli bar and delicatessen in the heart of medieval Otley. Distinctive from the outset, O’Deli reflected Kay’s passion for home cooking and for fine food and drink. She used and sold only the finest ingredients and success followed. With the opening of O’Fresh, the return of traditional greengrocery to Otley, Kay and her partner Tony found themselves providing a wide range of quality food to the town. It was a logical next step to offer home delivery and to do this with other partners with same commitment to exemplary, locals service. With Tony’s love of music leading to his involvement with Otley Tap House, O’Deli Group was born – now an Otley tradition since 2015.

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Passion, Tradition, Community.